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I am Tommy, at your service !

I am from Quebec, a vast province of the eastern coast of Canada, a territory that is rich in cultures, natural wonders and unique because of its linguistic diversity. In fact, I was fortunate to be born in such a resourceful environment and speak French and Innu-aimun (Eastern Cree) as mother tongues, and to be surrounded by English speaking communities as well as migrants with their own languages and cultures. What a blessing indeed !
Everything started for me when I took my first Spanish classes in high school. Languages became fascinating to me more and more thereafter. In a way, they appeared to me as jewels that were already part of me or marvelous wonders connecting us all. Then, all that was left for me to do was to unwrapped those gems through practice. And tadaa ! The joys of learning and speaking foreign languages showed themselves really clearly: that was it.

****APPROACH: In life, our lifestyles oblige us to have a certain quantity of responsibilities , and I believe none of us has entered this page wanting to add a burden on his or her shoulder. For this reason, I believe that learning a language has to stay FUN and NATURAL. I want to give my classes in a way that it feels just as pleasant as taking a walk in the park and as funny as your favorite comedy: there is no need for it to be otherwise ! Right ? Therefore, I will help you develop the HABIT of learning a language, rather than just learning it. In summary, here are the pillars of my teaching style:

1. Learning a language is fun. It has to stay this way.

2. Learning a new language never means starting all over again. You ALREADY have some knowledge of French, for instance, because there are many concepts in your first language that you are going to transfer to French. You know a great deal of it. My job is to make them obvious to you.

3. Teaching anything means you are working with HUMANS. Therefore, a teacher must invest himself to: listen carefully to his students, be able to see their potential and guide them to the full exploitation of that potential.

****EXPERIENCES: Growing up and falling in love, I had the opportunity to live in Uruguay, where I could perfect my Spanish and study in English, back in Quebec, thus strengthening my knowledge of the latter.
Moreover, I decided that I would become a teacher and provide myself with enriching experiences, such as:

- Champlain CEGEP Saint-Lambert: There, I did remunerated academic coaching for anglophones students who wanted to improve their abilities in French. For one year, I gave private 1-hour lessons, for more or less 10 hours a week. This experience was really useful for me as it was revealing of how French and English show obvious similarities and significant differences.

- Intiwawa Peru (Non-profit org): There, I had to learn Spanish in a way that I could be resourceful for Peruvian kids, as I was giving them academic support. Later on, I stayed in Quechua-speaking communities, thus having to learn the language, where I gave English classes and helped as an interpreter in both Spanish and Quechua.

- University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM): I am now completing my studies in order to become a teacher for students with special needs and who are having particular conditions that impact their education. Therefore, I am receiving the professional university training to teach French to people in a way that is personalized and different from the norm. Completing these studies, I have to be creative, patient, open-minded and rigorous in my teaching. I thus believe that, in the context of teaching a language, I have an ''out of the norm'' teaching style. Is it what you need ?

I am Tommy, at your service !


So, when are we starting ?

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Çalışma Deneyimi

2016 - 2016
French teacher for handicapped and vulnerable students
École secondaire Polybel - Beloeil, Canada
French and history courses for classes composed of students with all kinds of handicaps
2015 - 2015
Private English teacher
La Maison Kekpart - Longueuil, Canada
Private English classes for vulnerable youth in a community center
2013 - 2014
Coaching in French Language
Champlain College Saint-Lambert - Quebec, Canada
Coaching for anglophones and allophones wishing to succeed in French
2014 - 2014
Quechua and Spanish Interpreter/Academic counselor
Intiwawa Peru - Arequipa, Peru
Academic counseling/coaching as well as interpretation from Spanish, to Quechua, to English


Universitary Degree in Specialized Education
University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) - Quebec, Canada
Didactic and relational training for students with special needs
2012 - 2014
Pre-universitary degree in Human Sciences and Language
Champlain College Saint-Lambert - Quebec, Canada
Focus on language and its relation with society and medicine

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