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****20% OFF FIRST LESSON!!!**** Hey everyone, my name's Ryan and I'm an English teacher from Australia. I've been teaching English in the classroom and online since Feburary 2016 mostly using the communicative method and task based learning. I love to use these methods because it makes learning English relevent to your life and enjoyable.

I love travelling, learning new languages and eating new types of food. I am lucky because I can do all three at once. When I travel if I can't speak the local language, I can't eat! On a Sunday I am normally listening to new music and I enjoy reading all types of books but mostly action fiction and fantasy, The Name of the Wind is my favorite book.

As for teaching, my classes are in a conversational style called "teaching through talking" and are normally divided into 3 sections, a warm up, a task and a discussion. Firstly, I introduce a topic and we talk about what we know in the warm up, we might even practice something from the previous lesson or check some writing practice you did. This part is to change your brain into English, I know this is hard because I have trouble doing it in my second language!

Secondly, In the task we will read an article together and check comprehension with a series of questions. In this part we might also cover a new grammar point, practice pronunciation or look at phrasal verbs. After the task we will have a discussion, the discussion is so you can practice thinking in English, this is an important thing because it is what native speakers do. In the discussion you will need to explain what you think about a topic and why you think this.


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Australian English
Teenagers (12-18)
Adults (18+)
Learning Materials
Lesson Plans
Reading Exercises
Writing Exercises
Business English
Colloquial English
Grammar Development
Interview Preparation
Reading Comprehension
Speaking Practice
Vocabulary Development
Writing Correction


Çalışma Deneyimi

Online English Tutor
Various - Online
Providing quality English classes to students wishing to improve their English skills. Classes are normally spontaneous and cater to what the students need to improve upon at the time. Adaptability and patience is necessary to be successful as students often do not reserve times and classes can range from grammar to pronunciation etc.
2016 - 2016
English Teacher
Culturlingua - Zamora, Mich. Mexico
Teaching Cambridge English to various levels from A2 to C1 including directed conversation for 4 hours a week to adults, teenagers and children. Class sizes varied from 6 – 13 students. Responsibilities included lesson planning with the creation of extra material, engaging and motivating students, adapting lessons for classes with different levels and continuous formal and informal assessment.


2015 - 2015
TEFL Certificate
International Teacher Training Organization [ITTO] - Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico
Four week, 140 hour intensive TEFL course, with 10 hours of observed teaching practice on groups of differing abilities, including a one on one teaching session. Course consisted of 3 research papers, 1 grammar test and continuous assessment through-out.

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