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Ana Dil


I'm experienced with helping intermediate and advanced leveled students practice their spoken English and gain proficiency. Whether it's grammatical mistakes, incorrectly used idioms, or pronunciation errors, I can help correct them and make your spoken English more polished!

If you're preparing for the Turkish Airlines DLR-2 exam or the British Council IELTS speaking test, I can help. I have a lot of experience working with students and getting them ready for test day. My students frequently achieve the results they've desired. You can be one of my success stories too!

I've taught thousands of students from around the world, mainly from Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Brazil, so I have lots of experience working with many different cultures and nationalities, and my students have achieved great results working with me.

I prefer to develop speaking skills through a natural, relaxed conversation that feels like a conversation you'd have with a friend. I believe learning should be fun and relaxed!

Unfortunately, I'm unable to work with true beginners because I can only speak English. If you're not able to speak at least basic conversational English, I'm sadly not the right tutor for you. However, once you've mastered the basics and are well on your way to becoming an intermediate English speaker, I'd love to help you improve even further and go all the way to the advanced level!


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Teenagers (12-18)
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