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Hi! My name is Maria Del Mar… 100% Colombiana, (you can tell I’m latina because my name has more than one word!) and do not worry I know language learning is hard enough, so you can call me Maria for short!
I was born in a small city you have probably never heard of, Mocoa, Colombia, but now reside in Medellin, the Colombian city that EVERYONE has heard of.
During the past five years I’ve had the pleasure of teaching Spanish to over 250 students, from beginners to the most advanced and I’ve given individual classes to high ranking business and government executives.
Throughout my years of teaching, I’ve noticed similarities and challenges between students:
The number 1 struggle with language learning is anxiety. I do know how difficult it can be learning a new language. I’m sure you’ve heard others, or maybe even told yourself that “Language learning is not for me.”, but chances are you can speak at least ONE language, (unless you were born in the jungle, but even then I’m sure you learned how to talk with the animals. It gets lonely in the jungle.)
Anyways, the point is you’ve already MASTERED one language, your native language, as a BABY… a time when you weren’t even smart enough to tie your shoelaces, go to the bathroom or even make a burrito. The most important thing is to make learning fun, because that makes you learn faster, and keeps you feeling motivated.
The number 2 struggle is lack of consistency. So, when you go ahead and schedule a lesson with me, the first thing we will do is have a friendly chat to design the structured program based on your current strengths and weaknesses as well as your individual learning style and personal goals.
Maybe you’re planning a trip to Colombia, or some other Spanish speaking country, or you have a new latin boyfriend or girlfriend or you’d just like adaptability in your own country.
If you’re doing online language classes, it means you likely do not have a lot of time to go and find a local teacher and sit in traffic for 30 minutes to meet over coffee, so I’m going to help you use your time efficiently as possible to reach your goals. I design my lesson packages competitively to offer MORE than just 30 minutes or an hour of chatting. My classes include a written follow up attacking your strengths and weaknesses and an action plan to get you started.
Everyone is different, so it’s really important that I put a plan together customized for you.
I love helping people to master native language fast, so they, like me, can enjoy the many benefits of being a Spanish speaker!
I wish you well on your language journey and I look forward to chatting with you soon… in Spanish! :)
Maria Del Mar


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2010 - 2016
PhD in Dental Medicine
Odontologa (Dentistry)

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