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As an experienced Farsi author and tutor, who has taught a large number of online lessons, I tutor the best tactics for Farsi learning. Please read the following words patiently:
Many learners do not know how to learn Farsi properly and fast. As a result, they waste hours, days, months, or years struggling to improve their language skills. Usually, their progress is slow and painful. I believe the main sense is the teaching method. Therefore, I focus on effective instructional strategies to keep my students motivated and actively involved in my Persian courses.

Here’s a brief explanation of my method:
As for the first step for beginners, I will offer you with a very helpful and well-made book. You will learn the Persian alphabet as I present vocabulary involving the same letter until we finish the alphabet having learned many fresh and useful words.

The next step aims for elementary and intermediate learners by reinforcing the structures with reading prepared texts and questions about the sentences and vocabulary. At this stage, upon student’s agreement, I’ll provide an assignment to improve and remind the trained materials in your homework. Most of my assignments are quite interesting such as videos, soundtracks, music, and short story suitable to the level.

For my advanced students, I’ll sort out many fascinating materials such as newspaper articles, watching news of Iran together, listening to very fast speech soundtracks, and many other things that I would gladly share with my dearest students.

I look forward to meeting you in my lessons and starting a wonderful journey to the world of Farsi language.

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2014 - 2018
B.A. English to Farsi translation Graduate
Payam Noor University - Iran- Tehran
Focus on translation of English to Farsi
2006 - 2008
Mechanical Engineering
Enghelab high-tech college - Iran

briefcaseÇalışma Deneyimi

University English Teacher
Pingxiang University - China - Pingxiang - Jiangxi - China
I teach spoken English to university students who major in English bachelor degree or Teaching-Course. I have gained a superb, exceptional, and hands-on experience over the past years. I genuinely believe that Chinese students are intelligent and potential to be trained with perfect nurturing tactics to become successful teachers or translators in the future. A rule of thumb is to know how to boost and build up their confidence, and it has been my brightest experience in ESL teaching and the most memorable one by far.
Online Farsi Tutoring
Various Websites - Internet
I have been tutoring and teaching English and Farsi since 2015 to many students from different regions. This has made me fully conscious of mistakes and language bad habits that the students might have when they speak or listen. Therefore, it's my unique and remarkable background in this field that equipped me with a multitude of skills to become an outstanding online tutor as well.
2009 - 2016
English Teacher
Homa language institute - Iran-Tehran
I've had classes for pupils in different ages and I have always been trying to encourage my students because I believe each individual has his/her own way to learn better and we as teachers should get to know this matter and consider it as a chance of teaching and seeing the best result
2012 - 2015
Foreign Commercial Affairs
MyBaby Diaper Production - Iran-Tehran
I worked as the chief staff in the commercial department for an international corporation in my hometown and have obtained a precious experience in the trading field with different countries in respect of email correspondences skills, marketing, paperwork, international bank transactions, transportation terms, custom release affairs, etc.


2017 - 2017
TESOL Certificate - Westminster London
Westminster College London - London - UK
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages