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Ana Dil
Ana Dil


My name is Kaitlyn Medina, I am a native Californian, but currently living in Guadalajara a beautiful city in Mexico.
I am a native speaker of both English and Spanish, my awesome parents' mother tongue is Spanish since they are both from Mexico and since I was born in America (which makes me American) I learned English while going to school and by having older brothers and sisters who also spoke both languages.
I attended Chico State University, which is located in a gorgeously green small town, north of the state capital of California. My undergraduate degree is in Bilingual Liberal Studies, which is specialized for people who desired to become elementary school teachers, and work at dual immersion schools. Once I completed my 4 years as an undergraduate, I continued on at Chico State's graduate program for future teachers, where I was part of a rigorous 1 year program that trained me as a teacher but also had me put into practice all the teaching methods being taught throughout my coursework. It was pretty much a great way for the surrounding elementary schools to get people to work for free, but also gave the students (me) a chance to show what we know. It was exhausting but such an amazing and rewarding year.
Over the last few years, since graduating in 2015, I have had two very amazing jobs. I worked as an English Language Specialist at an elementary school. I primarily worked with students who were new to the country and needed help adapting to their new lives. I worked with them in small groups or one-on-one, depending on their level or need to improve their English language skills. For my beginners I always found that it was easier for them to become comfortable with English when we just focused on speaking and listening. Whether it was telling me about their favorite foods, music, or hobbies, when they talked about something personal it allowed them to connect authentically to the language.
I also really enjoy listening to music, and having my students do the same, or watching shows, videos, or anything that they are interested in (in English of course), once again so that students can connect with it, and make learning a whole new language a bit more fun and interesting.

I also had the fantastic opportunity to live and work in Ecuador. Which is a beautiful country in South America. There I worked as a volunteer teacher, where I taught English at the local public schools, researched how globalization affects education, and participated in a cross-cultural exchange with the local indigenous communities. I spent 6 months in the Andes and 6 months on the coast. I was able to explore the entire country and see how diverse its landscape and people are.

Overall I enjoy teaching just as much as I enjoy adventuring. As an instructor my goal is to help you become a fluent English speaker. I'll help you become comfortable with speaking the language in both an academic and social setting, as well as help you break through any barriers or reservations you might have with the intense but amazing language that it English.

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2014 - 2015
Bilingual Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program
California State University, Chico - Chico, California, USA
Elementary school teaching strategies, curriculum building, and English Language development
2010 - 2014
B.A. Bilingual Liberal Studies
California State University, Chico - Chico, California, USA
Elementary school teaching strategies, curriculum building, and English Language development


Bilingual Multiple Subject California Teaching Credential
California State University, Chico - Chico, CA, USA
The credential is issued by the state of California to candidates who have demonstrated all skills needed to be an Elementary School teacher in the public school system. With the Bilingual clearance the Teacher demonstrates knowledge of more than one language and can teach all subject matter in either English or Spanish. As well as provide support for students who fall under the category of English Language Leaners.
2016 - 2017
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
World Teach Program - Ecuador, South America
150 hours of training including 25 hours of supervised practicum, 700 hours of unassisted classroom teaching