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Ana Dil


Hello, everyone! Привет, друзья! I'm a professional teacher of Russian as a foreign language with over 5 years of experience. Now I work at a private school for foreigners in St. Petersburg and also teach Russian online. I’m here to teach you any type of Russian: modern Russian, old Russian, obscene Russian – whatever you want!:)

About my teaching style
I'm a person who is easy to talk to and I believe that humor makes learning more exciting and much easier. I want you to feel comfortable during lessons with me, so feel free to express yourself in all possible ways – have fun, короче!

About my lessons
I use a communicative approach to teaching, so we will talk a lot in Russian - this is the best way to learn any language. I prefer to teach real life things that are useful: colloquial expressions, common phrases, idioms etc. However, I know how important to focus on grammar and other serious things, so everything will be balanced! That’s why in my lessons we practice all 4 aspects: speaking, listening, reading and writing (grammar).

About me
I’m a big fan of arts. Since I live in the cultural capital of Russia, I can’t imagine my life without theater, literature, exhibitions etc. If you’re interested in Russian culture, let me know and we’ll discuss many interesting things!

Before the first lesson. IMPORTANT!
If you are interested in learning Russian with me, please send me a message (in Russian or English) with some information about you: how long have you been learning Russian? Which level do you have (if you're aware)? What should I know about you before our first class?
During the first lesson, we will find out your strong and weak points related to Russian, set your clear goals together, customize a plan that will help you achieve the goals.

Hope to see you soon! Good luck!


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2014 - 2016
B.A. Teaching Russian as a foreign language
St.Petersburg University; Russian Language and Culture Institute - Saint Petersburg, Russia
Teaching Russian for foreigners
2008 - 2013
M.A. Russian philology
Smolensk State University - Smolensk, Russia
Teaching Russian language and literature

Çalışma Deneyimi

Teacher of Russian as a foreign language
St. Petersburg State University (faculty of Political Science) - Saint Petersburg, Russia
Private Russian language tutor
Self Employed - Saint Petersburg, Russia
Teaching Russian for foreigners on-line and in person
Teacher of Russian as a foreign language
Private educational institution 'German school 'Goethe Schule' - Saint Petersburg, Russia
Teaching Russian
2010 - 2011
Teacher of the Russian language
Public school - Smolensk, Russia
Teaching Russian as a second language for bilingual students and native Russian speakers


2015 - 2016
Practices of teaching Russian as a foreign language
Pushkin State Russian Language Institute - Moscow, Russia
Advanced training courses for Russian teachers