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I am from America with a TEFL with a TESOL Level 4 certificate. I worked with an adult learning class where students were from many countries. I currently live in Viet Nam and have taught English in various language centers for over one year. I have an extensive background in social services, health care and the healing arts. My focus is Business English, IELTS, Pronunciation, Simple Conversation and Public Speaking.

I enjoy working with others to achieve a common goal and see results. It is important in learning any language, to have a high self-esteem in order to take the step to speak with foreigners. I volunteered with the Peace Corps in Honduras, Central America and was immersed in their culture and learned Spanish. I understand the difficulty of learning a language and how frustrating it can be when they still don't understand you!:-) I now am learning Vietnamese.

 Share with me your goals and motivations. Is this for a job interview, IELTS test, conversation, business needs, or public speaking?
 We will talk about the fears of speaking, and get you up to speed with better pronunciation so you will feel more confident.
 Set up a schedule, understanding your timeline, if there is one.
 Create an Action Plan

I want to help you to feel confident in speaking clearly and loudly, so others can hear you! I will do my best to give you all the tools you need to progress and feel confident in any situation. Looking forward to working with you!


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Children (4-11)
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Bachelor's in Social Services and Criminal Justice, Emergency Medical Technician, Cardiac Exercise Technology, Personal Trainer
North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, USA
Varioius work positions include: troubled youth, domestic violence, empowerment for women, health education including fitness, personal training, healing energy, alternative medicine, chiropractic and dental services. Volunteered for Peace Corps in Honduras, Central America for over two years as a Health Educator. I also had my own business practicing health and well-being through healing energy (i.e. Reiki & Magnified Healing), meditation and essential oils.


International TEFL Academy, Accredited - Chicago, IL
Started teaching English as a Second Language in Colorado for one year. Worked with many adult students from various countries; having a plethora of accents. This allows me to have more insight into pronunciation because of differences in alphabets. Relocated to Viet Nam and have taught for 15 months, students of all ages and levels. Students are very shy and speak softly. I offer a calm and relaxed atmosphere so you will feel confident to speak up loud and clear.:-) I have a passion for teaching and enjoy working together to help you move forward. My main focuses are (but not limited to) assisting students in preparing for the IELTS exam, I teach how the mouth and tongue are used to create the proper sound, Business English such as a job interview, presentation, or acquiring a better paying job, or simple conversation.

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