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Bonjour !

My name is Chantal. I am a native French speaker. I am a Secondary School French teacher, certified by the French National Board of Education. I have taught for 15 years in France and for 10 years in the US.

I love learning languages: I think it is the most fabulous window on the world: opening it allows you to discover new universes, cultures, traditions, perspectives... This means becoming flexible, tolerant, and accepting to understand different points of view.

My teaching revolves around the four skills of language learning:
- Listening Comprehension, with videos, songs, podcasts...
- Reading Comprehension, with articles, letters, excerpts, blog posts, ads...
- Writing Skills, using varied formats like a short article, a short letter...
- Speaking Skills, via conversation. I always try to mix topics you are interested in with "surprise" material. My students generally love it!

I always introduce new grammar points or conjugations in context, with an authentic document (dialogue, skit, ad...). This allows the students to acquire language and not just learn to memorize. I also always include practice and exercises during the class, to make sure the students understand well the new point.

To support the students' learning, I use specific websites. Students can use them after class to go further and deepen their learning. I also provide my students with useful worksheets and support material.

On a more personal note, I love reading, traveling, craft booking... among many other things.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better. I look forward to seeing you in class. Your trial lesson is free!

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CAPES - Certification as a Secondary School Teacher (Certificat d'Aptitude Professionnelle Enseignement Secondaire).
French National Board of Education (Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale) - Paris, France
Certification for Teaching World Languages in Secondary Schools
1981 - 1985
BA English Language
Paris VIII - Paris, France
English and French

briefcaseÇalışma Deneyimi

2010 - 2020
Secondary School French Teacher - Gr 6 to Gr 12 - MYP and IB Diploma
Atlanta International School - Atlanta, GA
• Conduct French language classes • Follow MYP and IB curriculum guidelines to provide classroom instruction through team, departmental, and independent planning. • Maintain interdisciplinary focus while applying innovative learning strategies.
2009 - 2014
French Teacher - Adult Classes
Alliance Française Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
Adult Classes: • Classroom management. • Attending and contributing to training sessions. • Promoting French language and culture.
1992 - 2009
Certified Secondary School English Teacher
Lycee F. Couperin, Fontainebleau ; Collège International, Fontaiinebleau ; Collège Rimbaud, Nemours ; Collège Sisley, Moret/Loing - Seine & Marne, France
• Improved classroom learning by integrating new technology and instructional resources. • Established clear lesson plan objectives and competencies. • Worked with program coordinators to ensure attainment of goals. • Fostered and maintained a positive learning environment.
1999 - 2009
Head of World Languages Department
Arthur Rimbaud and Alfred Sisley Secondary Schools - Seine & Marne, France
• Communicated and worked closely with teacher groups to set and achieve educational goals. • Assisted and motivated teachers to hone their leadership skills. • Developed and monitored effectiveness of new pedagogical methods. • Introduced teaching strategies to assist impaired students in regular classes. • Invested in continual professional training and development activities.
2004 - 2009
Educational Trainer & Counselor
French Board of National Education - Paris, France
Provided guidance and support to student teachers during their year of National Certification.


DELF-DALF Examiner/Corrector and Workshop Leader
France Education International (Former CIEP) - FIAF New York - New York, USA
Train the examiners and correctors of the DELF - DALF exams for the following levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 .