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Ana Dil
Ana Dil
Ana Dil


I promise, you will progress with me, not because I am a qualified TELC Examiner with over 6 years of teaching experience , but because of the realistic teaching approach based on authentic situations.

I taught more than 4000 hours not including the hours taught on Verbling.

Teaching is one of the things I enjoy a lot. in my life, it is my life.
I know how to learn a language and most of all what is important to learn. I also aim to know as many languages as possible and to become a Polyglot. I speak 6 languages so far.

I have been working with languages on a daily basis in numerous roles – from teaching and tourism to customer service to and translation guiding people through the jungle and working with the top economists in the world. In addition to this, all of my work experience so far has centered on communication, thus resulting in a strong foundation for a career in communication.

I teach from beginners to advanced (A1-C2) I teach professors form universities, economists, doctors, lawyers, programmers, psychologists and many students from universities from all over the world.

I have been teaching online for many years, even before it was a thing and I am enjoying it a lot since then.

As we have a limited amount of time I will make sure you will learn important things, depending on the wishes you have.
I adapt to the needs of my students and correct their mistakes lot as we go.
I will make sure YOU talk german!

Grammar, filling the gaps vocabulary will be taught only with fun, some games, plays, role plays and proper discussions as well but it will be done only if you want and as homework.
We all know Grammar is not fun, so let us make it as much fun as we can even.

Remember: I teach you but you have to learn it!
Remember 20 % is me and 80 % is you and only YOU!
Learning a language is not a walk in the park it is like learning a new instrument, you need the practice ! No practice no success! Simple!

So let us start to learn German! I will make you fall in love with German and with me ;)
Any questions just ask! You’ll earn an extra $30 for future lessons, if you buy 10 lessons with me. Sign up using this link
to claim it from Verbling!

Short info about me: I am a passionate sailor, kitesurfer, traveller and a sports blogger.

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Children (4-11)
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Çalışma Deneyimi

German Teacher
2014 - 2017
German teacher
Private - Madrid Spain
• Teaching from A1-B2 online
2016 - 2016
German translator
Private - Bolivia, La Paz
transalted from Spanish into english/ german on tours through the jungle
2017 - 2016
German teacher
TribuIdiomas - Madrid Spain
• Designing courses, syllabi and teaching materials, privates classes adapted lessons
2013 - 2016
German teacher
Inlingua - Madrid Spain
• Preparing students for living and working in Germany • Teaching from A1-B2 • Teaching intensive courses 25 hours/week up to 16 students per class • Teaching multi-nationality classes of mixed abilities
2012 - 2015
German teacher
Kings Training - Madrid Spain
• Teaching from A1-B2 • • Teaching General German, Business German, and German for specific purposes to high-profile clientsTeaching multi-nationality classes of mixed abilities • Designing courses, syllabi and teaching materials • Grammar • Conversations
2012 - 2014
German teacher
English for Business - Madrid Spain
• Teaching from A1-B2 • Teaching multi-nationality classes of mixed abilities • Designing courses, syllabi and teaching materials • Grammar • Conversations
2012 - 2014
German teacher
All Top Languages - Madrid Spain
• Designing courses, syllabi and teaching materials • Teaching German to students of Complutense University of Madrid


2014 - 2017
Official TELC Examiner A1-B2 German
Madrid Spain
examine students from A1-B2 oral and written