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Ana Dil


Want a teacher who knows what they're doing? You've found her! I'm a PhD student studying Linguistics: Second Language Acquisition. I have mastered and use only the best and most current ways to learn languages based on today's research in my sessions! Plus, I always make sure we have a lot of fun and laughs too!

I'm a recent English instructor at the English Language Institute of the University of Florida teaching students of all ages. I've taught French at the Ohio University to undergraduates and am currently teaching French at the University of Florida. I've been teaching since 2009 and I am SLAT (Second Language Acquisition and Teaching) Certified by the University of Florida, so if you're looking for someone with experience and know-how, that's me!

My first experience teaching was through France's TAPIF program where I was given over 200 students, aged 6-12, and a long list of words and phrases and told to do my best! Since then my teaching style has evolved along with the current findings in Second Language Acquisition research. I focus on aiding students in lowering foreign language anxiety through building student agency and perceived self-efficacy. This leads to increased true self-efficacy and improved academic outcomes (Bandura, 1986). What does all this mean? I help students engage in directed discovery learning, provide explicit instruction when necessary, and methodically review in ways that encourage deep learning and high retention rates. Because foreign language anxiety is lowered, authentic communicative activities are painless in my lessons and prepare the student for real world situations.

As an instructor, I play the role of a coach. I enable students to focus on their goals and hold them accountable to accomplishing them. I promote student agency and allow students to make choices about their own learning; this way each lesson fits their individual needs and differences. Before being a teacher, I was a success coach for college students. Not only will you learn your target language from me, but also the metacognitive and self-regulatory skills necessary to get ahead in life, your career, and academia! Who else offers that?

Overall, I am passionate, dedicated, outgoing, sometimes silly, and, above all, motivating. I work hard as a student and instructor, always giving 110%. Sign up for a trial lesson and let's make an action plan together! It's time to reach your goals!


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PhD in Linguistics
University of Florida - Gainesville, FL
Specialization in Second Language Acquisition
2010 - 2012
MA in French
Ohio University - Athens, Ohio
Completed TEFL courses as well
2006 - 2009
BA in French
Ohio University - Athens, Ohio
Completed Linguistics minor as well, Magna Cum Laude

Çalışma Deneyimi

French Instructor
University of Florida - Gainesville, Florida
Organize, teach, and evaluate two sections (~23 students per class) of beginning French to college students.
2015 - 2017
English Instructor
English Language Institute of the University of Florida - Gainesville, Florida
Independently organized, taught, and evaluated low-intermediate and intermediate ELL students, Energetically taught multiple skills including Reading & Writing and Listening & Speaking
2010 - 2012
French Teaching Associate
Ohio University - Athens, Ohio
Organized, taught, and evaluated four weekly classes of French to beginning college students
2009 - 2010
English Instructor
L'Academie d'Orleans-Tours, TAPIF Program by French Government - Tours, France
Independently created and coordinated six weekly lessons for 200 students aged 6-12

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