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Ana Dil


As a native English speaker from Cape Town South Africa, I have been teaching English for four years and have built up a considerable amount of experience in teaching online and would like to help you achieve your language goals. My second language is German and I also speak Afrikaans so I have firsthand experience of acquiring another language. It can be tough but with hard work and consistency, you can reach proficiency.

I specialise in teaching business English and conduct business English training courses for corporate individuals and various well-established companies such as IBM, Canon, Meso, Edding, Jungheinrich and Shell. I offer courses in one-on-one or group sessions for professionals in industries such as finance, IT, customer service, marketing, sales and human resources.

By my practical method of teaching, many of my students have successfully conducted presentations and interviews, handled clients and closed sales deals.

If you’re just looking to improve your conversational skills, my general English lessons would be a great option for you. These lessons are structured to assist you in any real-life situation. My lessons are designed around the needs of my students and each lesson is structured to build the student towards fluency. Each lesson is geared towards a speaking goal that is centred around a real-life situation.

Through having a speaking goal, this allows my students to use new vocabulary and grammar structures naturally. Learning a language in context is what builds you towards fluency.

You as the student have full control of your learning pace and my lesson topics are kept relevant to you, helping you achieve using English outside of the classroom, fluently and with confidence.

In our first lessons, I will assess your level of English and see how we can develop your skills. I’d also like to learn more about you as a person and hear about your interests and hobbies. In Cape Town, the weather is generally fantastic so I’m big on hiking, landscape photography and fitness. I also enjoy playing music instruments.

I look forward to having you in my class and achieving your language goals.



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Corporate Language Trainer
Berlitz Corporation
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2016 - 2016
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ABC360 - Home Based
Focus in teaching business English and intermediate to advanced English
2014 - 2015
English teacher
TutorABC - Home Based
Taught conversational based lessons

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