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My name is Dylan Floody. I'm a 28 year old Canadian citizen currently working and living in Toronto Ontario, Canada. I just recently returned to Toronto after living and teaching English in both Bogota, Colombia and Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love teaching English. It's extremely rewarding and gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and understanding of the language with others who want to learn, improve or perfect their abilities with the language. teaching has given me wonderful opportunities to travel around the world, getting to know new countries, people, cultures, traditions and customs which I find absolutely fascinating. My interests outside of teaching include; travel, music (jazz, hip-hop, soul, blues, tango, experimental and many others), sports (baseball, basketball, hockey, snowboarding, swimming, surfing, golf, tennis among others), reading, spending time with family and friends, meeting new people and constantly challenging myself to learn more about who I am as an individual as well as the people and world around me.
I have a B.A. from Saint Mary's University. I have been teaching English for a year and a half now. My teaching style really differs depending on my students; their age, level of english proficiency, their interests and goals. In all of my classes I like to include interesting articles to engage in and create interesting dialogue, a video or other visual component, a grammar lesson and corresponding exercise, reading comprehension exercise and game or activity to make the lesson as interactive as possible. Of course, I'm always willing to be flexible with my teaching style and approach so that I can cater them to the needs and areas of improvement that need to be focused on most, with each individual student. I have experience teaching in large classrooms with 25 students. I also have experience teaching in smaller group sizes both face-to-face and on-line. Additionally I have taught students individually both in face-to-face classes as well as on-line

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2009 - 2012
Saint Mary's University - Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada
Focus on the History, Geography, Literature and Social sciences of Canada's Atlantic Canadian region

Çalışma Deneyimi

English Teacher
Gold Link Language Institute - Toronto, ON, Canada
Instructing, creating, tutoring, facilitating face-to-face classes with students from all around the world.
English Teacher
Access English - Toronto, ON, Canada
Instructing, creating, facilitating face-to-face classes with students from all around the world.
2016 - 2016
English Teacher
Language Affairs - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Instructing, creating, facilitating face-to-face classes with employees from the French supermarket company Carrefour. These employes were based and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2016 - 2016
English Teacher
Language Market - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Instructing, creating, facilitating on-line classes with software developers from the Argentine company Globant
2015 - 2015
English Teacher
Eduardo Santos IED - Bogota, Colombia
Instructing, tutoring, preparing and facilitating classes, grading homework and exercises of a wide range of students between the ages of 8-17.