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Hi! My name is Victor, and I am a Spanish and English teacher. Although I was born in Venezuela, I have been highly exposed to American English since childhood; because of this, I acquired a standard American accent when speaking. I have a TEFL certification to teach English as a foreign language and have taught Spanish and English to students from different countries, levels and backgrounds.

My teaching method:
I use a blend of different teaching approaches to deliver innovative and dynamic lessons tailored to my student’s needs. I combine this with a vast array of digital teaching resources to engage my students into the learning process. Such resources include slideshows, videos, internet articles, interactive whiteboards and so on.

How are my lessons?
**Conversation and discussion**
For each lesson you will receive some materials about an interesting topic (e.g. a video, an internet article, a podcast, etc). During the lesson we will discuss about this topic and work on learning specific vocabulary and expressions related to it. If you like, we could also have a free conversation lesson where we would talk about any topic you want!

**Structured lessons**
These are academic lessons where we will strengthen your weaknesses in specific areas of language such as phonetics, grammar, reading comprehension, etc. Just tell me the specific grammar point you want to work on and I will prepare my lesson accordingly.

After each lesson I will send you a document containing all the corrections made and an audio file with the correct pronunciation of each word and sentence so you can practice later. Also, if you are a native English speaker, I can translate any English phrase or expression into its correct equivalent in Spanish; this way, you will sound more like a native when speaking.

If you think I can be the teacher you need, please contact me so we can discuss your goals and objectives as a student ¡Nos vemos pronto!

RESCHEDULE POLICY: You can reschedule or cancel a lesson up to 24 hours before it starts. If you cancel the lesson after this time has passed or do not attend, you will be charged for the class. If you haven’t made an appearance after 15 minutes the lesson has started, I will consider the lesson as completed and will assume that you can’t attend the class.

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Electronic Engineering
Santiago Mariño University - Cabimas, Venezuela
College Degree

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Spanish and English Teacher
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Over 1000 lessons taught to students from different levels and backgrounds


2016 - 2016
Oxford Online Placement Test
Oxford University Press - United Kingdom
C1 Level of English according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
2015 - 2016
TEFL 140 Advanced Course
TEFL247 - United Kingdom
International teaching certification to teach English as a foreign language. The course covered all aspects of language learning such as classroom management, techniques for teaching vocabulary, pronunciation, learner assessment and skills teaching
2015 - 2016
IELTS preparation course 20 Hour
TEFL247 - United Kingdom
Preparation course to train students for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), both the Academic and General tests