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Carolina Isabel Burguillos Palomino

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¡Hola amigo/a!

Thank you for visiting my profile. I would love to teach you and support you on your way to learning Spanish. My classes are dynamic and communication-based, which to me is the cornerstone of learning any language. We can do many exercises together, talk about various topics, comment photos, comment on texts, recreate everyday situations (one of my favourites), write, etc..I offer you fun and effective clases so you improve your language knowledge quickly and in a natural way.

I absolutely love languages and I know how difficult it is to learn them. I have learned a few myself. I know the difficulties, the setbacks and the motivation problems. This makes me able to understand the students better and adapt better to their needs. I try to make my classes as complete as possible based on my own experience as a language learner and of course on the needs of my students, therefore you will be receiving quality classes to ensure you succeed and improve your Spanish. I have experience as a teacher as well as a translator and interpreter (my bachelor), which gives me a strong background to work with you.

I am open to any methods the student may suggest and I can plan the classes either as a traditional course or just focus on the aspects or points that you want to improve.You will have maximum flexibility. In between my main methods are the Whiteboard and Google Docs, since this is dynamic and I can interact with the student easier. and practice together. Practice! To me the main and almost only way to learn.

I don't only want to be only your teacher but rather also your companion in this long journey! Being comfortable with your teacher is extremely important so that you can perform well in the classes. I consider myself an extroverted and empathetic person, with broad experience in customer service, specially in an international environment. I have also lived in several countries and I am completely used to communicating with people from different nationalities. You will be completely relaxed in my classes and will be able to ask any question you desire. Feeling good=Good performance.

I think learning a language is very special, because language is the vehicle of culture and through language you also discover a new world and a new way to see everything. You become more rounded as a human being and polish those sharp corners that we all have. In my classes you will learn the complete Spanish language and culture (also with those things that you do not learn with the books) and I will show you some traditional aspects of Spanish culture, from the traditional celebrations to the personality and character of the Spanish people. That means, learning a language not only as a mere set of words but as a whole new set of ideas to make you grow and improve your life.

Do not hesitate and book one of my trial clases in the calendar!

¡Hasta pronto!


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Castilian Spanish



2011 - 2017
Bachelor Translation and Interpreting
University of Salamanca - Salamanca

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2017 - 2017
Translator intern
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Translator intern
2016 - 2016
Dorint Hotel am Heumarkt - Köln, Germany
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Receptionist intern
NH Puerta de la Catedral - Salamanca, Spain
2015 - 2015
English substitute teacher
Ian & Eoin School of English - Salamanca, Spain
2012 - 2012
Spanish teacher
Private Family - Graz, Austria
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Partner Manager
Cloudiax - Germany