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Kids, Business, or Super Advanced? I believe I am the right one for you! Hi, I am Mika. I was born and bred in Japan but learned English in England and moved to Australia for work 20 yrs ago. I have got more than 1,000 hrs of online private teaching experience so far, and currently teaching more than 100 hrs per month, but I purely enjoy every single lesson and love talking with each and every student. They are all keen to learn and make me realise lots of new things. I am a teacher but at the same time, I learn lots from my students too. I love having one on one lessons since I can exactly see the students' progress and I can improve each student's individual weakness.

I have children of my own so I love teaching children. I have got all the fun materials for your little ones. I get so excited to introduce our culture and language to young passionate learners. If they are too young to concentrate for full one hour, don't worry. I offer half an hour lessons as well. I also love and respect older generations too. I was such a grandpa's girl and love listening to amazing and incredible experiences of older people. I have taught 4-70 year old students in the past and love teaching any age.

I have travelled to 30 different countries. I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I have been living away from Japan for many years now but I read and watch Japanese news and programs a lot daily so my Japanese is up to date (Japanese is a very changeable language). I also regularly visit Japan to see my friends and family.

I can teach various levels from total beginners to upper advanced. Even if you are a very advanced student and seeking for higher level teaching, I believe I can satisfy you well. I am quite good at explaining nuance of high level vocabularies in depth. I love introducing basic information of our language and culture to beginner students and I also love discussing profound and vast area of matters with advanced students. I have helped quite a few students in their preparation for job interviews. I have also worked as a translator so I can help you with English to/from Japanese translations.

The fields I can teach are;

Conversational Japanese
Preparation for uni or job interviews
Preparation for school or uni assignments and theses
Business Japanese
Children's Japanese
Travelling and hobbies

I have got a high school English teaching qualification from Japan and I was teaching children both Japanese and English back in Japan. I also worked in finance at a British company for 2 yrs in Tokyo and another 2 in Sydney. I have been teaching Japanese to students with Japanese backgrounds for the last 17 yrs and since the beginning of 2019, I have also been teaching adults with no Japanese backgrounds. I have also been working as a personal speech therapist in both Japanese and English since 2018. I really love teaching!!

I worked for an international company for over 4 years. I had many opportunities to attend important meetings with high executives, lawyers, accountants etc back in Tokyo. When I worked in Sydney, I was the communication point as a representative of our company so I am familiar with Japanese for professionals. I also have worked as a PA to an executive so I am familiar with all the business terminologies.

I have broad interests in many different fields. I am interested in;
Cooking, Dancing, Yoga, Travelling, History, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Politics, Different cultures, Languages etc.

I am into classic Japanese literature as well so if you are an advanced student who are interested in Japanese classics, I am here to introduce you to a beautiful Japanese classical world as well. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of Japanese literature and philosophy.

I strongly believe Language = Culture. Japanese language structure and ways of expression can be very different from what you may be used to in your own language, but I can explain the difference from the aspect of cultural differences. This is the most fun bit in language study, I personally believe!

I am currently learning French and it's again broadening my mind! It brings me back memories from the time when I originally started learning English. Journey in language study always involves some hardships, but it definitely should be fun and hard efforts will eventually be all rewarded, so let's start studying Japanese with me. ;)

I am a very patient, positive and encouraging Japanese teacher. I try to make my explanations simple and never discourage students in their efforts.

Please note that my lesson is 55 minutes in duration since I have 5 min break between my lessons (25 min for half an hour lessons). Also if student is late for more than 15 minutes, I will take it as "no show" and leave the lesson. Please also be reminded that if you need to reschedule or cancel your lessons due to inevitable situations, you need to do so by 12 hrs prior to the lessons. Otherwise, you will end up paying for the lesson anyway. As for my late evening lessons, I usually work up to 9 pm Sydney time on my available days. However, if students really need to take a lesson after that, I could give a lesson but I will charge USD 5.00 extra per hour for these time slots (9 pm-10 pm Sydney time = 10 am-11 am London time) I would much appreciate your understanding.

I will try my absolute best to improve your Japanese and make all the lessons worth your money.

I can't wait to see you! Please just relax. It will be fun!

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1993 - 1998
BA - English Literature
Hiroshima University - Hiroshima, Japan
1996 - 1997
The Burlington School of English - London, England
English Language and basic computer skills
1995 - 1996
Southbourne School of English - Bournemouth, England
English Language

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2004 - 2021
Private Japanese Teacher
Face to face and online teaching
2018 - 2020
Bilingual Personal Speech Therapist
2000 - 2002
General Ledger Supervisor
British Telecom - Sydney
1999 - 2000
Intercompany accountant
British Telecom - Tokyo
English accounting
1998 - 1999
PA to Financial Controller
British Telecom - Tokyo


1998 - 1998
High School English Teaching Certificate from Japan
Officially issued by the Japanese government