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Yegashni Thambiran

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You know some people have studied English for years and yet they feel dissatisfied and unhappy as they are unable to reach their goals. They begin to experience multiple difficulties in English conversation fluency. Here I help people overcome their fear of learning in speaking English, to uplift their confidence and to become better speakers of the language. I have this distinct passion for English language teaching. I am a certified TESOL, CELTA, TEYL and TEFL teacher I have completed my certification at a Global School giving me a Masters in this field of language teaching.

I have also acquired my Master's Degree in Education as well as my Bachelors Degree in Business Management. Which allows me to understand needs of my students and their thinking abilities, Their highs, and lows I am able to distinguish their flaws in learning through conversing with them, building strong relationships, gaining their trust in me this way we can build on these important factors and enhance the learning experience with fun and laughter.

I have also grained my degree in business management so I love to interact with business students wanting to become global business entrepreneurs. Business English is a compulsory requirement should we want to become internationally recognized in the business industry.

When we have a class together I like to understand all the mechanics of language teaching. I have held different classes from beginners, intermediates and advanced. It was challenging, nerve-wrecking and absolute fun at the same time!!!

I have been teaching English for 9 years now! Currently, I am working on an accent reduction program by conduction intensive English pronunciation classes. Segmented and based on the components of the subject.For easy grasp and practice. linear to this I have conduction countless classes on vocabulary expansion in fluency exercises, spoken English, Business English, industry-focused English, IELTS, speaking preparation in presentations, sharing a meeting, negotiation, and telephoning.

In class, I always exert the extra effort to make it a memorable experience. The elements of fun and learning something that is valuable, while maintaining relevance parallel to your needs should be there.

Teaching shouldn’t be repetitive. As there is continuing research on the golden theory to employ variety in lesson planning.

At times getting students to engage maybe a challenge but I use various instructional techniques to move students progressively towards stronger understanding and ultimately greater independence in the learning process providing successive levels of temporary support to help students achieve higher levels of comprehension in skill acquisition. Comparable to unique methods intending to inspire them to use their energy appropriately.

These supportive strategies are slowly moved when they are no longer needed. And the teacher gradually shifts more responsibility for the learning process with students.

Say yes to me!!! Say yes to achieve your goals today. I’ll be glad to be your partner. See you soon...

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