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I was listening to a David Bowie song yesterday, "As the World Falls Down", one of his less well known songs, when I was suddenly struck by how lovely the lyrics are. I don't usually pay much attention to lyrics, as it's the melody and rhythm that I like in songs, maybe because I'm a musician.

Are there any song lyrics that you really like?

Does listening to the lyrics in songs help you learn English?

As The World Falls Down

There's such a sad love Deep in your eyes. A kind of pale jewel Open and closed Within your eyes. I'll place the sky Within your eyes.
There's such a fooled heart Beatin' so fast In search of new dreams. A love that will last Within your heart. I'll place the moon Within your heart.
As the pain sweeps through, Makes no sense for you. Every thrill is gone. Wasn't too much fun at all, But I'll be there for you-ou-ou As the world falls down.
Falling. Falling down. Falling in love.
I'll paint you mornings of gold. I'll spin you Valentine evenings. Though we're strangers 'til now, We're choosing the path Between the stars. I'll leave my love Between the stars.

Mary Bern

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