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More useful business expressions!

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Here are 5 more common expressions used in a business context.

1. Get off the ground

To get [something] off the ground means to start doing a job or project, usually after much discussion or planning.
Sample sentence: Months after looking into how to boost declining sales, we were finally able to get our aggressive sales campaign off the ground

2. On a shoestring

When you do something on a shoestring, you’re working on a tight budget or with very little money.
Sample sentence: It’s going to be a challenge doing such a big project on a shoestring but we’ll try our best.

3. From the ground up

If you build a business or project from zero or from the bottom, you’re starting from the ground up.
Sample sentence: Have you read the news about the enterprising 12-year-old who’s building her business from the ground up?

4. Behind the scenes

This phrase is used to describe something, usually work, that’s done or that happens away from public view.
Sample sentence: Organizing a roadshow may look easy, but do you have any idea how much hard work we’ve put in behind the scenes?

5. Touch base

To touch base with someone simply means to contact someone.
Sample sentence: I have a meeting right now but I’ll touch base with you later.

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