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It's the final countdown (do do do dooo)...

bir yıl önce
Hello Verbling!

What's your favorite song? Where does it come from? One of my favorites is Europe's "The Final Countdown." I think it's one of those songs that can be described as iconic, no matter where you come from. One of my favorite things about it, is the extremely powerful guitar solo, combined with the catchy beat.

Here are the lyrics:
We're leaving together, But still it's farewell And maybe we'll come back To earth, who can tell? I guess there is no one to blame We're leaving ground (leaving ground) Will things ever be the same again?
It's the final countdown The final countdown
We're heading for Venus (Venus) And still we stand tall 'Cause maybe they've seen us (seen us) And welcome us all, yeah With so many light years to go And things to be found (to be found) I'm sure that we'll all miss her so
It's the final countdown The final countdown The final countdown The final countdown Oh
The final countdown, oh It's…
Give it a watch and have a great day!

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