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Idioms with 'Rain'

10 ay ├Ânce
January is a notoriously grey and dreary month in many parts of the world so to cheer you up here are some idioms about rain.
1. 'Right as rain'
This means everything is going well or very well i.e.
Your friend asks 'How are you?'.
You say 'I'm right as rain, thanks!'.
2. 'Don't rain on my parade!'
This means not to depress someone or give them bad news i.e.
You say 'I'm going to have a barbecue in the park tomorrow'.
Your friend says 'sorry, it's raining'.
You say 'Oh no, don't rain on my parade!'.
3. 'Come rain or shine'
This is an idiom that means whatever the weather it won't stop you from doing what you want to do i.e.
I'll play football on Saturday come rain or shine.
4.'Make it rain'
This means to make lots of money i.e. When he plays poker he makes it rain.
5, 'It's raining cats and dogs'
This is my favourite it means it is REALLY REALLY raining! It comes from hundreds of years ago when dead cats and dogs would be left in the streets so when it rained they would just float away along the streets.
It's raining cats and dogs outside!

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