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Happy Egyptian Accent in Arabic

bir y─▒l ├Ânce
You can learn Egyptian Accent anytime, but it's easy to learn it after Modern Standard Arabic, and it will improve with us (Egyptian natives) ...
You can learn grammars in Modern Standard Arabic from any where of Arabs but you can't learn Egyptian grammars without knowing it from Egyptian people, I have taught it to Russian student without TranslationԾ´ŞĆ so you will listen and speak this accent fast otherwise you will talk Arabic without thinking by your language through different Professional Methods and happiness Methods in my teaching online­čśç
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See you soon ┘ůě▒ěşěĘěž ěĘ┘Ő┘â┘łěž ┘ü┘Ő ěú┘Ő ┘ł┘éě¬