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French Online Classes from A1 to B1 - For free!

Jeanne Gourdon
19 gün önce

Have you heard about the website "Fun Mooc"? It's a plateform that proposes many online classes, on a wide range of subjects. The best is that those classes are free. You just need to register to the website, and then to the class in order to have access to the content.

Currently, there are three classes that seem very interesting for students learning French, especially for the ones willing to live in France, or already living there. They have all been created by the Alliance Française of Paris.

- Vivre en France - A1 : if you're a complete beginner, try this one!
- Vivre en France - A2 : if you completed "Vivre en France - A1" or if you studied French for 80 to 100 hours, try this one!
- Vivre en France - B1 : if you completed "Vivre en France - A2" or if you studied French for 180 to 200 hours, try this one!

Bonne exploration,
and have fun learning French !! 😄


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