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Can you really learn English from TV and Radio shows?

Dominic Elliston
9 ay önce
I present you with a discussion on how you can learn English through the media. The television and the radio are powerful sources of learning and with an active discussion on it, we can learn from each other. How do you learn from television?
  1. What is one of your favourite TV shows?
  2. Are you going to watch TV tonight?
  3. What did you watch on TV yesterday?
  4. Do you prefer listening to the radio or watching TV?
  5. Do you think it is good for children to watch TV?
  6. Do you think TV is educational?
  7. Do you think there is too much violence on TV?
  8. Do you think that TV is a good thing?
  9. What are the advantages of watching TV?
  10. What are the disadvantages of watching TV?
  11. Do you think that TV makes people lazy?
  12. There is a famous English saying that goes "you are what you eat." Does this apply to television? Can the programs you watch affect your behavior?
  13. Does violence on TV influence some young people to engage in violent behaviour?


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