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Important Tips for an Interview in English
About this article: Learning how to interview well takes practice and knowledge. If you have the right skills for the job, then the key to success is clearly communicating your experience. I worked as...
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Using Music to Learn Language
"If babies can do it, I can do it". Learning a new language can be a daunting task. The thought of assimilating a new alphabet, grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and way of thinking may seem like an...
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Learn The Russian Alphabet
"Русский язык! Тысячелетия создавал народ это гиб­кое, пышное, неисчерпаемо богатое, умное, поэтическое и трудовое орудие своей социальной жизни, своей мыс­ли, своих чувств, своих надежд, своего гнева,...
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How to Learn Any Language in Six Months
This article is inspired by a speech given by Chris Lonsdale at TEDx Talks, Lingnan University. Chris Lonsdale is a psychologist, linguist and educator from New Zealand who travels around the world and...
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15 Ways to Immerse Yourself in French
Becoming fluent or even conversational in French takes time, dedication and constant practice. As I’m sure you’re aware of by now, the best way to improve your French is to immerse yourself in the language...
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The Value—and Downside—of Vocabulary Notebooks
Written by guest contributor Olly Richards How many old vocabulary notebooks do you have lying around the house? And how many of the words that you’ve written inside those notebooks have you ever managed...