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¿Por qué estudiar español? / Why study Spanish?
Spanish is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world, behind English and Mandarin Chinese. It is spoken in Spain, in the Caribbean Islands (Cuba and Puerto Rico), in the Dominican Republic, in North...
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Tips for self studying languages
Hi Verblingers! This article is to help you become a more a more effective language learner. This article will contain tips and tricks to help you study more efficiently and autonomously and help you...
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学中文的七大技巧 seven tips for learning Chinese
第一: 多学新词,扩充词汇量 多看,多读,词汇看的多了,自然而然记住了。 第二: 要活学活用。 多跟中国同学聊天,多交中国朋友,多练习,模仿 第三: 记得时刻纠正自己。 不怕说错,不怕说错,不怕说错!但是一定要改正过来,不要一直重复错误的。 (重要的事情说三遍!) 第四: 多看杂书,新闻,报纸,公众号,笑话。 第五: 利用各种APP, 网站,论坛 比如: 有道词典,Anki卡片,Du Chinese,Italki,...
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¡No te lo vas a creer!
¿Que te cuente una anécdota, dices? Mmm... déjame que recuerde... ¡Ah! ¡Sí! ¡Ya la tengo! Sí, efectivamente, me temo que lo que voy a contarte me pasó de verdad. Sí, en efecto, la lié así de gorda. Pues...
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Preparing for an academic English environment.
Students entering an English-speaking university might think that their C1 level of English proficiency will be enough for them to breeze through four years of intense study. However, academic English...
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Learning Multiple Languages Simultaneously
Learning multiple languages simultaneously can seem daunting, but it is actually a lot more simple than people think. In order to learn a language, we must dedicate time and effort in order to gain fluency....
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Perífrasis verbales para expresar final
Algo maravilloso que tiene el español es la capacidad de adaptarse a nuevos elementos que se desee nombrar, muchas veces por medio de neologismos o tomando palabras de otras lenguas para designar eso que...